Fund Raising

Thank you all for participating in our FUKUBUKURO VIRTUAL CRAFT FAIR 2022!

What is Fukubukuro?

Fukubukuro are essentially surprise bags that vendors make which are filled with unknown random contents and are sold to the customer for a substantial discount, usually 50% or more off the list price of the items contained within. The low prices are usually done to attract customers to shop during the new year. The term is formed from Japanese fuku (福, meaning “good fortune” or “luck”) and fukuro (袋, meaning “bag”). The change of fukuro to bukuro is the phenomenon known as rendaku. The fuku comes from the Japanese saying that “there is fortune in leftovers” (残り物には福がある).

Fukubukuro Craft Fair Flyer (jpeg image)

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Previous Fund Raisers

Ikeda Pie Sale – Nov 2021

Sold almost 600 pot pies and pies!!  Thank you to the Barons parents, players, friends and the community for the all their support!!

2021 Ikeda Pie Sale Flyer (jpeg image)
2021 Ikeda Pie Sale Flyer

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