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About The Barons Athletic Organization

The first Barons basketball team was formed by Newell Noda in 1970. Playing for the best AA team in the state, the Sacramento Counts, Newell was ready to retire as a player and decided to form a team that would participate in the Nisei Athletic Union (NAU) A division. The first Barons team was comprised of players who had graduated from high school and were eager to continue playing basketball in the competitive NAU league.

Because of Newell’s roots from the Counts, the team followed the theme of nobility and selected the name “Barons”.

Newell, a hairstylist by profession, brought a flare to the NAU not seen before or duplicated since. Newell introduced the “Pat Riley” look long before Pat Riley. With Newell’s sense of style, the first Barons team had to have complete uniforms, travel bags, and warm-up jackets – A tradition that has continued to influence the Barons organization over the years.

As with any fledgling endeavor, finances were a priority. The team needed to raise money in order to survive. The first “corporate” sponsor of the Barons was Fred Kunisaki and Walsh Station Automotive Service. Fred was a major benefactor for the Barons. Perhaps, Fred was motivated by the fact his oldest son, Gordon, was a member of that inaugural Barons team.

As the years passed more Barons teams were formed to compete in the NAU. Aki Kushida of Aki’s Ranch Market had joined Fred as the primary sponsors of the Barons.

With the addition of more Barons teams, the Barons Athletic Organization was formed. Organization by-laws were developed, a board was elected and a group of parent advisors were selected. 

One of the most important events during the growth of Barons teams was the addition of the Sacramento Squires. Welcoming the Squires had immediate returns – Gordon’s younger brother Rodney was a member of that Squires team!

The Barons began hosting tournaments over 25 years ago. For two consecutive years the Barons’ tourney was rated the Best Tournament in California. AA Championship games were

filled to capacity. Eventually, the Barons also added an annual crab feed as the other major fundraiser for the teams’ expenses. Both the tournament and crab feed have become annual

events and rousing successes due to the invaluable contributions of longtime supporters of past and present Barons players.

In 1998, the younger Kunisaki brother, Rodney, and his wife Julie wrote a new chapter in the Barons story. Up until then, the Barons Athletic Organization had sponsored teams for NAU competition. A women’s team had been added to the family. But the organization’s focus had always been on basketball competition after high school. In 1998, the organization took the next natural step-Youth teams.

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