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Sacramento Lady Barons 2025

We are the Class of 2025 Lady Barons Sacramento Basketball team. We are one of the many youth teams that play for the Sacramento Barons Organization. Lady Barons is part of the Non-Profit Sacramento Barons Athletic Organization EIN: 31-1808618, Sacramento, CA, United States.

Unfortunately, we missed our 8th grade year in a Barons uniform due to the COVID-19 pandemic. BUT, We are looking forward to playing basketball in 2022 and seeing you all on the courts! We took the initiative and have begun our fundraising efforts in order to assist with our expenses.  Please join us for our like our January 2022 Fukubukuro “Lucky Bag” Virtual Craft Fair!!  We already hosted an Ikeda Pie fundraiser which was a big success.

Our fundraiser help cover our travel cost, gym rental, coaches expenses and our senior graduation vacation. One of our team goals is to travel to Hawaii to play basketball and vacation together. Check us out on Facebook and Instagram!!

Ways to Support the Lady Barons 2025 Team

Check back soon for more events or
you can donate
 directly to the team!

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Thank you supporting Lady Barons 2025!

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Thank you all for participating in the

Barons Holiday Fair &

the Ikeda Pie Fund Raiser!!

Sold almost 600 pot pies and pies!!  
Thank you to the Barons parents, players, friends
and the community for the all their support!!

Lady Barons 2025 Team (jpeg image)
Lady Barons 2025 Team

Thank you supporting Lady Barons 2025!

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